Si Me Quieres/ If You Love Me CD


When soulful grooves and smooth, sexy Spanish lyrics combine it has an irresistible effect on the ear, this is indeed the case when you hit play and adventure through Gemma Genazzano's "Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me".

This beautiful woman beckons the listener to journey with her through songs of love, sensuality, and romance.

Her seductive voice flows and immerses you in the emotions that arise from your soul... Her band is there with her: hypnotizing you, whispering in your ear...

Soulful rhythms blend efortlessly with her Latin voice, due in part to Marlon Saunders, producer of "Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me", who brings his New York soul to the album.

So, relax with a glass of wine, light a candle, get cozy with that special someone and let Gemma Genazzano sweep you away into a world where romance is always in the song.

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